Bike parking locks - meet them in digital

A digital system of smart universal parking locks.
The first all-in-one digital platform for bike services - CTpark makes micromobility simple, smart, and user-oriented.
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Everything a cyclist needs - in one app

CTpark is a digital ecosystem that unifies cycling services. All a cyclist has to do now is cycle from point A to point B - we'll take care of storage, protection, maintenance, insurance, and everything else. Your transport is in good hands now.

A more convenient way to cycle

CTpark provides a new level of user experience for cyclists. Easily find and reserve available parking spaces using nothing but a mobile app.

Download the CTpark app

Choose any available parking space and reserve it

Place your transport on the parking and close the lock

One lock for any transport

CTpark locks are carefully designed to firmly secure any type of transport - be it a bike, a scooter or anything else. And if your transport is electric, you can quickly and easily charge it - no need to drag it all the way home or to your office.

Highest standard of security

No more worries about your bike - it's always safe now. Real-time status updates. Built-in vibration sensors to notify you about any theft attempts.

Scalable system for a smart city

CTpark locks can be installed at tche place of existing parking racks - meaning the outdated micromobility system can be quickly and at no extra costs transformed into the convenient digital one.

Companies can also use CTpark to provide their services (sharing, repairing, etc.) without having to build their own infrastructure.

Know everything that is going on

We're not just building smart locks - we're digitalizing the entire industry. Receive market updates and keep up-to-date with our journey.
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