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The company is based in Munich, Germany. We are economists, developers, project managers and engineers with one common goal - to develop an innovative solution that makes everyday travel easier and improves the comfort of life in the city.

Why can we do it better than others?
Because we ourselves use bicycles every day.
Andrei Zolotnitski
15+ years' experience in IT projects in the transport sector
Project management, ITIL, corporate governance and economics
Worked in leading IT and Transportation&Logistics companies.
Has a PhD in Economics

Reach out on LinkedIn @Andrei_Zolotnitski or by email at azolotni@velopad.com


The Founders

Dietmar Topp
30+ years’ experience as a senior consultant
IT manager in the field of in-/outsourcing, workplace infrastructures, cloud and business transformation
Has Masters in Economics

Reach out on LinkedIn @Dietmar_Topp or by email at dt@velopad.com


A smart digital future for micromobility

At Velopad we are focused on creating an innovative ecosystem to make cycling as easy and convenient as possible. It's our goal to encourage more and more people to cycle. Every day.
Our Velopad Mission

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